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Finding that ideal crew member is a process whereby each candidate of interest is interviewed in accordance with their skill set and then based on the interviews, the selection process can begin. An ongoing and extensive search is carried out until we find the right candidate/s for each of the individual positions that are required. It is our imperative to ensure all relevant certifications are correct for the role, are verified and in date. Always safety first!

When interviewing each of the candidates, we strive to get an in-depth understanding of their goals and desired job preferences with regards to location, time of year, salary expectations etc. We also look for the core ideal characteristics of someone who is not only an experienced yacht crew member but also those wanting become yacht crew. Including being well presented, eloquent, being a hard worker, people centric, being fit and healthy and just generally having the correct demeanor.

“With extensive number of years working in this unique industry, it has equipped me with the understanding of the many personality types and has enabled me to really get a feel for which yacht and program will suit each relevant candidate.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and know that you will always be provided with an extremely honest review of each of every crew member that is suggested and selected for you. It is my job and absolute pleasure to be able to assist in finding you that new crew member!”

Cara Lees

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