Here is a simple guide for those of you who may be considering trying to get a job in the superyacht industry. Writing a Yachting CV is a little different to a normal CV that you may write for a land based job. For example, if you are writing a CV for a job on a yacht, you are asked to provide a photograph and give your date of birth, which is considered discriminatory if applying for jobs on land.

A photo is important, if you don’t include one on your CV, it considerably reduces your chances to almost nil of being considered for a position.

When having a photo done for your CV, don’t apply filters or Photoshop to enhance the image. Prospective employers want to see the real you.

A smart appearance is incredibly important onboard and your profile picture should reflect this. Your photo should be head and shoulders only. If you have long hair then tie it back. Minimal makeup and jewellery are advised. Men need to be clean-shaven, or a tidy beard, certainly well-groomed and hair also neat and tidy.  Cover tattoos and remove any piercings.

Keep your photo size below 250kb. Many boats are downloading using satellite so file size is important. This also applies to using heavy colour blocks on a CV. Too much can be slow to download and don’t over elaborate on the graphics.

Your CV could perhaps be described as a flyer to generate an interest in you and your experience leaving the greater details to discuss at interview stage.  Don‘t list everything, just the good stuff and the things that will hopefully make you stand out from the rest!

Keep it clear, concise and factual. Too much graphic design also distracts the reader from the main objective of reading the facts so it is suggested that you don’t set it out like a comprehensive Michelin restaurant menu or a brochure for a yachting holiday!

Another tip worthy of considering when in your search for your dream job on a yacht, is to make sure all your profiles on social media are appropriate before your CV is in the inbox of a potential employer. This also applies to your WhatsApp photo. If you are calling yourself a non-smoker on your CV and there are photos of you having a cheeky smoke somewhere out there on the one of socials, take it down, or you’ll very likely  be caught out.  Prospective employers will almost certainly check out your public-facing profiles to learn more about you. It’s important, therefore, to remove negative comments and inappropriate photographs, or change your profiles to ‘private’. Failing to do so could mean that you may never make it to interview stage.

Carefully proof read and check for grammar and punctuation mistakes. If attention to detail is listed on your CV as being one of your key skills and your CV is littered with typo’s,  then this will also work against you.

The CV format here is a simple example of how to go about putting together your first CV for the industry if you haven’t done so before.

There are many templates available to use online so have a play around. Just keep in mind and implement the advice suggested and you’ll be good to go.

Good luck!

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