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The bosun is responsible for the upkeep of the yacht's deck equipment and rigging, as well as supervising the deck crew.

How to Become a Bosun on a Yacht

The day-to-day roles of a bosun (boatswain) on a superyacht can include a wide range of tasks that help to maintain the yacht and assist the captain and crew. These can include:


  • Supervising and coordinating the deck crew, including deckhands and other deck-based personnel
  • Cleaning and maintaining the exterior of the yacht, including the decks, hull, and superstructure
  • Assisting with navigation and maneuvering of the yacht
  • Operating and maintaining deck equipment, such as winches, cranes, and tenders
  • Setting up and taking down mooring lines and anchors
  • Assisting with the launch and recovery of water sports equipment
  • Helping with maintenance and repairs of the yacht
  • Assisting with guest activities such as water sports and excursions
  • Keeping a lookout for safety hazards and reporting them to the captain


To become a Bosun on a superyacht, you will typically need to have a background in maritime operations and have some experience working on boats or yachts, including experience as a deckhand and/or lead deckhand. Some specific qualifications and certifications that are often required or preferred include:


  • STCW (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping) certificate
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2 or 3
  • PWC (Personal Water Craft) license
  • First aid certification
  • Strong swimming ability
  • Some experience in a supervisory role
  • Some maritime experience and knowledge


You can obtain these certifications and qualifications by taking courses and passing examinations which are organized by authorized training centres. Additionally, you can gain experience by working on smaller boats or yachts, as well as through internships or apprenticeships.

Bosun FAQs

What are the qualifications and experience required to be a bosun on a superyacht?

Qualifications and experience required to be a bosun on a superyacht typically include a minimum of an STCW (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping) Basic Safety Training certification, a valid medical certificate, and several years of experience working on boats or yachts, particularly as a deckhand or able-bodied seaman. Some yachts may also require a specific type of license, such as an OOW (Officer of the Watch) or Yacht Master Offshore, depending on the size and type of yacht they operate.

What are the main responsibilities of a bosun on a superyacht?

The primary responsibilities of a bosun on a superyacht include overseeing the deck crew, maintaining and repairing deck equipment, and ensuring safety procedures are followed. They are also responsible for supervising the loading and unloading of cargo and tending to the lines, anchors and fenders.

How does the bosun interact with the rest of the crew?

The bosun interacts with the rest of the crew by leading the deck crew and working closely with the captain and first mate/first officer to ensure that all deck-related tasks are completed safely and efficiently.

What is the typical schedule of a bosun on a superyacht?

The typical schedule of a bosun on a superyacht may vary depending on the yacht’s itinerary and schedule, but they generally work long hours, including evenings and weekends.

How does the bosun handle emergency situations?

In emergency situations, the bosun is responsible for ensuring that the deck crew is prepared and able to respond quickly and effectively. They will assist in the evacuation and action plan of the situation.

What are the everyday challenges of being a bosun on a superyacht?

The everyday challenges of being a bosun on a superyacht include working long hours in often-difficult conditions, dealing with the demanding expectations of guests and owners, and maintaining equipment and facilities in excellent condition. Bosuns also need to be able to work under pressure and multitask effectively.

What salary can I expect as a Bosun on a yacht?

Salary is dependent on yacht size however ranges from €3,500 to €5,500.

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