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Yacht Steward / Stewardess

Interior Department

The steward/ess is responsible for the interior of the yacht, including cleaning, laundry, and serving meals. They may also act as a personal assistant to the guests.

How to Become a Steward or Stewardess on a Yacht

The day-to-day roles of a stewardess on a superyacht can vary depending on the size of the yacht and the specific needs of the guests, but generally, a stewardess is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the interior of the yacht, as well as providing excellent customer service to the guests. This may include tasks such as:

  • Cleaning and tidying guest cabins, common areas, and crew quarters
  • Preparing and serving meals and drinks
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Stocking and maintaining supplies
  • Providing information and assistance to guests
  • Assisting with guest activities such as water sports and excursions


To become a stewardess on a superyacht, you will typically need to have experience working in a customer service-oriented role and have strong attention to detail. Some specific qualifications and certifications that are often required or preferred include:

  • STCW (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping) certificate
  • Food hygiene and safety certification
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD certificate)
  • Bartending and cocktail making
  • First aid certification
  • Floristry and creative skills, napkin folding & tablescapes etc advantageous
  • Wardrobe management and sewing skills advantageous


You can obtain these certifications and qualifications by taking courses and passing examinations which are organized by authorized training centres. Additionally, you can gain experience by working on smaller boats or yachts, as well as through internships or apprenticeships.

Yacht Captain Qualifications

What are the qualifications and experience required to be a stewardess on a superyacht?

Qualifications and experience required to be a stewardess on a superyacht: To become a stewardess on a superyacht, you will typically need to have a minimum of a high school diploma, experience working in the hospitality or customer service industry, and a valid STCW basic safety training certificate. Some yachts may also require additional certifications, such as a medical certificate or a food handling certificate.

What are the main responsibilities of a stewardess on a superyacht?

The primary responsibilities of a stewardess on a superyacht include:

  • Providing exceptional customer service to guests
  • Cleaning and maintaining guest cabins and common areas
  • Delivering a first class level of food and drink service
  • Laundry and pressing of guest clothing
  • Assisting with the stocking and provisioning of the yacht
  • Assisting with the organization and coordination of guest activities and events

How does the stewardess interact with the guests and other crew members?

How does the stewardess interact with the guests and other crew members: A stewardess will interact with guests and other crew members on a daily basis, providing customer service, taking care of guest needs and requests, and ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of guests. The stewardess will also interact with other crew members to coordinate and execute the yacht’s operations, activities and is responsible for all housekeeping duties.

What is the typical schedule of a stewardess on a superyacht?

A typical schedule of a stewardess on a superyacht: A stewardess’s schedule will depend on the yacht’s itinerary and the needs of the guests. While at sea, the stewardess may be on duty for long hours, and during port visits, the stewardess may have more time off.

How does the stewardess handle guest requests or complaints?

How does the stewardess handle guest requests or complaints: A stewardess will handle guest requests or complaints by listening to the guest’s needs or concerns, addressing them in a timely and professional manner, and escalating any issues that cannot be resolved to the appropriate crew member or supervisor.

What are the everyday challenges of being a stewardess on a superyacht?

Common challenges of being a stewardess on a superyacht: Some of the everyday challenges of being a stewardess on a superyacht include working in a confined space, working long and irregular hours, dealing with demanding guests or crew members, and maintaining the high standards of customer service and cleanliness expected on a superyacht.

What is the salary of a stewardess or steward on a yacht?

Entry level/Junior €2,500 – €3,500 rising up for those more experienced  €4,000 on vessels sized over 70 metres

Yacht Stewardess / Steward Jobs

Stewardess/Crew cook

We presently have a vacancy for a Sole Stewardess/Crew cook.
This position would suit someone who has already worked as a sole Stew on a smaller vessel and looking to step up to larger vessels. It will be a sole Stew position with cooking for 3 or 4 crew. Cruising program is yet to be confirmed but if cruising for the summer, then a Chief Stewardess and Chef will be employed for the season.
Starting asap to join the yacht in Malta or Mallorca depending on start date.
Salary €2,500+ DOE
3.7 days per month leave
Full MLC contract

STCW certificates
Driving license essential
Food hygiene certificate beneficial

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We are seeking an experienced Stewardess to join a team of 4 on a busy 60m charter yacht.
Duties will include working in rotation throughout service, cabins and laundry.
Previous charter experience is essential. Job continuity is also highly desirable.
Skills such as table arrangements, floristry, laundry and fabric care and wardrobe management are highly desirable.
Immediate start to join the yacht in Fort Lauderdale
A B1B2 visa is essential for this position
Salary $3,500 plus charter tips
Leave 60 days per year
Training fund available after 1 year of employment onboard

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Service/3rd Steward/ess

Service/3rd Steward/ess required urgently for 75+m private motor yacht. Our client is looking for a 3rd Stewardess with proven service skills and experience to join the interior team of 6. The position is a full time service position. Working within a team of 6. Chief Steward, 2nd Stewardess, 3rd Steward/ess (vacancy) and 3 housekeepers. The yacht is based out of Barcelona when not out cruising in summer months and historically has been Malta for the winter. The salary on offer is USD $3,500 per month and 38 days leave per year. It is an immediate start but as they are cruising, the port of embarkation is yet to be decided. Most likely to join in Spain, either the Balearics or Barcelona. STCW, ENG 1, Food Hygiene Level II and PDSD certificates required Duties would be but not restricted to – breakfast set up, restocking, table setup in general and service. There is a mixed nationality of crew. British Captain, who very much works with an ‘open door’ policy and is very proactive when it comes to ensuring the crew have a good working environment and ensuring a happy and healthy dynamic. Female applicants only please due to the cabin arrangements.

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